Financial Planning

Financial Planning


Financial planning is an interactive process. We ask specific questions designed to identify your most deeply held goals and values. After we make that discovery together, we measure your risk tolerance and explore your financial options. We follow up regularly to ensure that you are on track to meet your long-term goals, and we adjust the plan as you progress.

Financial planning can be daunting. You have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we have a lot of answers.


Q: When is it realistic for me to retire? How much money will I need?

A: Each client is unique. Situations and goals change, but it never is too early – or too late – to plan your dream retirement.


Q: When should I file for Social Security? How should I coordinate with my spouse to maximize our benefits?

A: You should consider many factors, including the need for income and how long you plan to work. Married couples have even more to consider in order to maximize each spouse’s benefit and protect the surviving spouse.


Q: When should I exercise my company stock options? How much money and where should I invest my 401(k) funds?

A: It all depends on your particular situation, such as your tax bracket, what you plan to do with the proceeds, how much of your net worth is represented within the funds, and how much risk you can afford. For more information, visit our ProSelect 401(k) page.


Q: How can I best meet my charitable goals? What are the tax implications?

A: You may open a Schwab Charitable Donor-Advised Account, which we offer as a complimentary service to our clients. Your donations of stock or cash to the account are tax deductible in the year made and the assets are invested for tax-free potential growth. You can make grants of $100 or more from this account to any 501(c)(3) charities you choose.


Q: Which kind of savings account should I establish to pay for my children’s schooling? How much should I set aside?

A: We can discuss the choices with you to help determine the best course of action for you and your loved ones.


Q: Should I refinance my mortgage? Can I afford that dream vacation house I've always wanted?

A: At PCMA, we monitor mortgage rates, understand loan terms and have tools to analyze and compare loan types so that you make informed, thoughtful decisions when it comes to financing your home – as well as buying any dream properties in your future.


Q: Is my estate planning up to date? What actions should I take to reduce my estate taxes?

A: We are not estate attorneys, but we are versed in estate planning topics. We can work with you and your legal advisor to ensure your estate plan is optimized for you – and that your investment portfolio aligns with that plan.


Q: Do I have enough life and disability insurance? Am I paying too much for coverage?

A: PCMA doesn’t sell insurance, but we are proficient in evaluating your insurance portfolio. We can review your situation and, if appropriate, refer you to insurance experts you can trust.


Q: Should I concentrate on paying down my debts? Or should I just restructure?

A: We will review your debts, assets and the current lending environment – and evaluate them in light of your short- and long-term financial goals.


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