Investment Management

Investment Management


Our investment strategies are grounded in the logic of supply and demand. We don’t try to forecast events or allow emotion to cloud our investment decisions.

We invest in six broad asset classes – Domestic Equities, International Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, Foreign Currencies and Cash – using Relative Strength as our guide.

A rules-based market analysis method, Relative Strength identifies leaders by comparing the price performance of two or more investments to detect long-term trends. Relative Strength allows us to evaluate momentum so that we can invest wisely.

An important information source for us is Dorsey, Wright & Associates (DWA), a leading research service on Relative Strength analysis and Dynamic Asset Level Investing (DALI). DALI and Relative Strength work in tandem to uncover and exploit supply-demand imbalances among investment classes, sectors and individual securities. DALI is especially effective for guiding our sector rotation decisions.

We also use Point & Figure Charting, a tool that allows us to follow disciplined entry and exit strategies for every investment you own.

We are happy to share with you more details about our investment management strategies – including specific examples of when our analysis helped us navigate difficult markets. 


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