Our Clients

Our Clients


Our clients span a wide spectrum, from Silicon Valley executives to small business owners to retirees. Most have an investment portfolio of at least $500,000, some with investable assets totaling in the multi-millions. We believe that individuals who incorporate technical analysis in their own work will see the logic in the objective "rules-based investing" tools that we employ.

Financial markets are unpredictable. Individuals rarely have the time, talent and tools to navigate them successfully. That’s why you hire a team of trustworthy professionals to plan your finances and manage your investments.

Clients hire us because of our commitment to integrity, independence and individualized service. We ask our clients the right questions and really hear their answers. We follow their wishes and convert them into plans for achieving their goals. They appreciate our knack for anticipating their issues – usually before they do.

We communicate efficiently and effectively – with clients determining how frequently they wish to meet or confer with us.

We are proud of our client retention rate. We intentionally maintain a small, select client base because that allows us to give more attention and concern to each and every client we serve.


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