On Our Radar

On Our Radar


What Indications of the Indicators Might Be Indicating

In March 2016, we wrote a blog post about magazine covers serving as contrarian indicators for the stock market. In it, we shared fairly recent covers from The Economist as examples (see In March 2016, we wrote a blog post about magazine covers serving as contrarian indicators for the stock market.

Impactful Charitable Donations Made Easy Through A Donor-Advised Fund

Every year, PCMA supports charities of our choosing through a donor-advised fund we have through Schwab Charitable. The fund also is the means by which we donate to charities of your choosing through our annual year-end Joining You in Generosity campaign.

Medicare Screening Costs Could Rise with ACA Repeal

Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare beneficiaries can get certain screenings and preventive treatments outside of the Part B deductible or Medicare Advantage co-payments. These screenings and services cost nothing – under current law.

Clients’ Holiday Giving Once Again Inspires PCMA

This past holiday season, PCMA again took the opportunity to get involved in – and give back to – our local community through two charitable initiatives.

Financial Planning for Everyone

As a person consumed with – and fascinated by – every detail and nuance of my profession (you wouldn’t want it any other way), I welcome any chance to ground myself back in the basics of finance.

Plan Ahead by Understanding Medicare Nuances Now

For many Americans, Medicare and Social Security are daunting topics to tackle. Chances to make mistakes abound with both, and those errors can stick with you – and stick it to you – for a lifetime.

Cybersecurity Alert: What to Do About Yahoo Breach

Yahoo users, listen up: We’re passing along an alert we received this morning from Horsesmouth, a leading business resource for financial advisors. Please see below:

Client’s Daughter Explores a “Day in the Life” of PCMA

During a meeting a few weeks ago, one of our long-time clients mentioned that her college-student daughter is considering a career in finance. We thought, “That’s great!

Here’s some nerdy financial stuff that could pay dividends for you

I got the chance to attend some great seminars led by industry thought leaders at the Financial Planning Association’s NorCal event in early June. Topics ranged from behavioral finance to Restricted Stock Units to tax planning.

Social Security Planning for Couples Considering Marriage or Divorce

We recently met with a couple to discuss their financial planning needs. They have been together a long time and have no plans to marry. While discussing their financial future, a Social Security question arose – how will their decision to forego marriage affect their benefits?


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